Simon Cowell on Girlfriend: Don’t ‘Expect Her to Be a Single Mother’


Simon Cowell is officially in love!

A chipper version of the stubborn Brit we once knew phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman, expecting a baby, and the latest season of The X Factor.

“I am happy at the moment actually,” Simon gushes. “It’s kind of an unusual feeling. … Overall, everything is fine. But obviously I had a very traumatic time over the summer.”

The X Factor judge also openly admits, “I genuinely never thought [me being a Dad] was going to happen … Partly because I was scared of who I was going to have kids with…[but] Lauren and I get along really well and once I got used to the idea I thought, ‘I think this is going to be very good.'”

As for where the baby will be born, Simon admits that hasn’t been decided yet, but he thinks either London or New York, although he prefers London.

“Obviously, I would have to make sure the baby has an English accent,” he jokes. But in all seriousness, he adds, “I said to Lauren, ‘What if I just play me on tape while the baby is sleeping so the baby can hear me and have a British accent and his first words will be, ‘You’re absolutely useless!'”

And when it comes to the delivery of the baby, Simon admits he won’t be getting a front row seat at the birth.

“Are you out of your mind?” he laughs. “I know this sounds awful, but it’s like you don’t want to go in to the restaurant while they’re making your dinner. I think there are certain things you shouldn’t see and that is one of them. I’ll be very close by, but no [I won’t watch.]”

When Ellen K. asked if having a baby means he and Lauren will get married, the unusually smitten judge reveals: “Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t expect her to be a single mother.”

As for this season of the X Factor, Simon says we can expect a new twist called the “four chair challenge.”

“We’ve never done it before … basically there are 40 contestants left, 10 in each category, and there are four chairs in each category … and as each person sings, if you’re good, you’ll take a seat. But you can be switched out if someone comes along and is better.”

Congrats to Simon and his girlfriend Lauren, we can’t wait to meet their little bundle of joy!

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