Adorable Daddy-Daughter Duet Goes Viral: Watch


Most parents go for the storybooks when dealing with a sleepless child, but for 32-year-old Benjamin Ames, he brings out the pink ukulele!

In this viral video he uploaded on his YouTube page, the physicist — who is a Kansas City native currently residing in a small village in Austria — performs a duet of Billy Rose’s “Tonight You Belong To Me” with his 4-year-old daughter, Adelaide, because she thinks she hears fireworks and doesn’t want to sleep.

Adelaide immediately dives into the tune, but stops in between lyrics to give her dad cute instructions, “How bout I say, ‘Be quiet?’ That means there’s a firework coming.” … And her dad adorably complies!

Benjamin called Today on Tuesday and said, “It was just one of those nights and we heard boom, boom boom.” He also revealed that he is a lover of music and tries to influence the passion onto his daughter.