Kris Angelis Revisits Ex-Lover’s Apartment in ‘Not Your Fault’ Video


Breakups are bittersweet, and Kris Angelis displays it perfectly in her relatable music video for “Not Your Fault.”

In the Damian Horan-directed clip — which is exclusively premiering — the singer-songwriter looks back at a past relationship by reliving an entire day in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Her former lover, who is played by Smallville actor Justin Hartley, doesn’t notice the wistful singer as she goes through her morning routine by his side.

The folk-pop singer shows off her quirky personality as she goes about her day singing her upbeat, heartbreak ballad, “It’s not your fault / I know that it’s not mine / it’s all just apart of how we were designed.”

In the final scene, the pensive singer fades out of the living room when her then-boyfriend smiles as a new girl walks in.

The Los Angeles-based singer has produced two EPs, Brief Sounds and Ghost, and has released her first, full-length album, The Left Atrium, which you can purchase on iTunes.

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