Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Cast of ‘Sesame Street’ Sing (and Rap!)


As a part of Late Night‘sclassroom instruments” series, Jimmy Fallon joined The Roots, along with the cast of Sesame Street to perform the PBS show’s classic theme song and the clip is nothing short of amazing.

Using only children’s toy instruments the group offers a modern take on the song, including a rap verse from The Roots’ Black Thought.

Heartwarming and catchy, we don’t think there’s anything that could make your day any better than this video! Check out the clip and a full list of who is playing what instrument below.

Jimmy Fallon – wood block, Casio keyboard
Questlove – kazoo, hand clackers
Frank Knuckles – bongos
Captain Kirk – ukulele
Kamal Gray – xylophone
Mark Kelley – toy clarinet
James Poyser – melodica
Tuba Gooding Jr. – toy saxophone, slide whistle
Black Thought – apple shaker
Elmo – vocals
Grover – backing vocals
Cookie Monster – banana shaker (eaten)
Abby Cadabby – toy guitar
Murray – backing vocals
Zoe – hand cymbals
Big Bird – vocals
Aloysius Snuffleupagus – backing vocals
The Count – counting