Gordon Ramsay Talks Working With Kids in ‘Masterchef Junior’


Gordon Ramsay is extending his knowledge in the kitchen to children.

The Masterchef host and judge is taking a spin on the hit FOX show and now working with kids ages 8-13 with Masterchef Junior.

The chef shares with On Air with Ryan Seacrest his desire to work with kids stemmed from “having four amazing kids of [his] own” and the fact that “kids are unique and they need guidance and discipline.”

And considering Gordon is known for having quite the temper in the kitchen, how did he handle his language in the kitchen with the kids?

Gordon laughs: “I remember the first mystery box challenge we did with the kids there was a bit of an incident and a mistake and one of them cursed and I said, ‘Hey! Come on. Focus on what you’re doing and watch your language.’ And they all stopped and put their knives down and they’re like, ‘Excuse me? You’re telling us off for swearing?'”

The chef says he’s taken on a new view of his role as host and judge and adds it’s like “being a firm assertive coach on the football field.”

He also shares he hopes the show will help educate children and their parents about  important healthy eating habits.

And considering these kids are only 8-years-old and can cook more meals than we can pronounce, we can’t wait to tune in!

Catch the series premiere of Masterchef Junior tonight on FOX at  8/7c.