Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Kanye West’s Twitter Rant: Watch


If you follow Kanye West or Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter, then you noticed your timeline blew up on Thursday evening with the two tweeting about a supposed feud … was it just another Kimmel spoof?

Although the tweets — especially Kanye’s — were pretty comical, they were not a joke.

So what set off the rapper? Jimmy Kimmel Live did a bit on Wednesday night’s show where a child acted out the exact outrageous quotes Kanye gave during his recent BBC Radio 1 interview … and Kanye was none too pleased.

According to Jimmy’s monologue on Thursday night (watch above), Kanye called him to tell him to publicly apologize, but of course Jimmy refused. And that caused the rapper to go off on one of his infamous Twitter rants … caps lock and all!

As for what Kanye so mad in the first place, check out Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s original spoof video: