5 Things We Know About Britney Spears’ ‘Work B**ch’ Video


The most-buzzed about music video is almost here. Are you ready for Britney Spears‘ latest masterpiece?

The highly-anticipated clip for “Work B**ch” — which is off her eighth studio album due on December 3 —  is set for its world premiere on Tuesday, October 1 on The CW Network.

The “Ooh La La” singer has been sharing still images of the Ben Mor-directed clip and even teased fans with a 10-second snippet on Instagram, so here are 5 things we know about Britney’s “Work B**ch” video:


1. It’s set to premiere on Tuesday on The CW

That’s right … The internet would probably break if Britney premiered the video on Vevo, so the “Scream and Shout” singer decided to up the ante by debuting it on The CW Network.


2. The desert is about to get hotter!

The powerhouse vocals behind the chart-topping song “Baby One More Time” — which turns 15 years old today (click here to see the best moments on Tumblr) — is making the desert look glamorous. Britney shared a still image from the clip of her staring into a vanity mirror with sultry eyes.

3. Britney brings out the bullwhip!

You can definitely expect the “Work B**ch” video to be sexually charged (like most Britney Spears music videos). The Princess of Pop teased the video earlier this month with a seductive photo of herself holding a bullwhip with a girl on all fours. The photo gives off a club vibe with its dark lighting, and it even has “B**ch” in neon lights.


4. She shows off her “hot body”

You know that hot body Britney croons about in “Work B**ch”? Expect to see a lot of it in the eagerly-awaited video as the “Till the World Ends” singer teased a few pictures of herself in a sexy two-piece.


5. The video features members of the Britney Army

Last but not least, Britney gave fans a taste of the video by uploading a 10-second clip on Instagram. In the teaser, you see seductive shots of the “Piece of Me” singer dancing in different scenes with her minions.