(Spoiler Alert!) ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast Talks Finale and Says Goodbye


Crime doesn’t pay, but it certainly did for Breaking Bad fans.

The withdrawals have begun now that iconic drug lord, Walter White, died in the dramatic and satisfying series finale on Sunday night.

Creator Vince Gilligan, cleverly tied up all the loose ends and gave the dark show as close to a happy ending as it deserved. Walter (Bryan Cranston) left his meth-cooking partner, Jessie, alive and his family rich.

The heart-pounding five seasons have taken us through Walt’s strange, yet amazing transformation from Chemistry teacher to ingenious criminal. If you missed it, here’s a recap and explanation of Breaking Bad’s final episode, Felina 

Cranston sits down with his costars and Vince to reflect on the one of TV’s greatest series of all time and give a proper farewell to their highly supportive fans in this video.

How did Aaron Paul spend the day of the finale? He held a scavenger hunt to give out tickets to the screening, which went down at the infamous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The proceeds of the viewing party went to his wife Lauren’s Kind Campaign, an anti-bullying organization … and they raised $2 million!

Check out his tweets from the day:

Were you happy with the show’s ending?