Katy Perry Releases New ‘Prism’ Track, ‘Walking On Air’: Listen


Katy Perry gave fans another taste of her upcoming studio album, Prism, by dropping her new song, “Walking On Air,” at midnight on Monday.

In the disco-ready track, the song opens with a ’90s vibe and crescendos into an electrifying house beat as she sings, ” Just when I think I can’t take anymore / we go deeper and harder than ever before / we go higher and higher I feel like I’m already here.”

Prior to releasing the retro tune, the “Roar” singer revealed to MTV.com that, “It’s a love song and it’s different from ‘Roar’ — it’s not eighth-notey.” Katy added, “And I think it’s a universal love song that everyone’s going to be able to relate to no matter the age, no matter male or female. It’s my favorite song off the record.”

You can purchase the Klas-Alhund-produced dance track — along with “Roar” and “Dark Horse” — on iTunes by clicking here. Prism is set for release on October 22.