Woman Quits Job With Interpretive Dance Set to Kanye West Song: Video


Forget giving a simple two-week notice in an official letter!

Marina Shifrin recently quit her job at a video production company, and did so by making a video of her having a solo dance party (set to Kanye Wests “Gone“) at work at 4:30 a.m.

As she cuts a rug around the office, on the screen she explains her reasoning for the video. “For almost two years I’ve sacrificed relationships, time and energy for this job.” In the last scene, she writes, “I QUIT.”

“I work for an awesome company that makes news videos,” she writes in the description on YouTube. “I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets. I believe it’s more important to focus on the quality of the content. When you learn to improve this, the views will come. Here is a little video I made explaining my feelings.”

What brought on Marina’s video? It’s unclear exactly, but on the same day she posted it to her YouTube channel, she tweeted this:

Marina’s employer responded on Tuesday with a video of their own … also using the same Kanye song (and sweet dance moves). And luckily for her, there seem to be no hard feelings: