Nathan Sykes Reveals Crush on Selena Gomez Before Ariana Grande


We all know Nathan Sykes is dating Ariana Grande, but he also “wanted” someone else …

Before The Wanted band member confirmed that he is dating the “Baby, I” singer late last month, he had his eyes set on Selena Gomez

Nathan admitted his crush on the pop princess to MTV UK“[Max George] follows someone on Twitter, then he is in the tabloids saying he is in a relationship. I started following the Selena Gomez and nothing,” he said. “Where is my relationship?!”

The British star was skeptical of the relationship, however, because of his friendship with Selena’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. “To be honest, I always liked Selena, but I really did not want to go that side because Justin would kill me!” he said. “I would probably receive a call from [mutual manager] Scooter [Braun] telling me to stay away!”

The “I’m Glad You Came” singer was caught tongue-tied when he spotted the “Come and Get It” beauty at a Justin Timberlake concert. “I must have looked like a complete idiot. My friends were like, ‘Just say hi,’ but I could not even talk to her!”

It looks like Nathan has improved his game with the ladies since then in order to impress the Nickelodeon star.

Ariana — who was also linked to the “Boyfriend” singer after he was seen kissing her on the cheek in a picture (which she deleted) — tweeted about her relationship news.

It looks like Nathan has a thing for brunette pop stars!