One Direction Announces 1D Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate


According to Directioners, every day is a 1D kind of day… but the boys are about to make some dreams come true on one particular date.

One Direction has dubbed Saturday, November 23 1D Day!

To properly thank their fans and prepare for the release of their third album, Midnight Memories (dropping November 25), the “Best Song Ever” singers will host a seven-hour livestream with celebrity guests and fan-based content.

Watching every move of the British hunks for seven straight hours… We’re there!

But what ideas are you going to suggest for the show? To give you a head start, here are some of our suggestions for the boys:

1. Take their shirts off (We have a feeling this will be a popular one!)
2. Sing A cappella versions of their most popular songs
3. Have a twerking competition
4. Dress up like superheroes
5. Play Truth or Dare
6. Answer fan questions
7. Prank the celebrity guests
8. Throw an intimate concert in a lucky fan’s backyard
9. Have fans create their own 1D tribute or cover song videos
10. Throw a 1D celebration bash for fans … with lots of food of course!

These are already some trending fan ideas right now via Twitter.

One Direction will be presenting more opportunities to get involved on 1D Day here, so stay tuned!