Would You Pay to Cuddle With a Stranger?


Ever have one of those days you just need a hug … or more? Well Travis Sigley is here for you!

The 26-year-old San Francisco resident is a professional in cuddle therapy and charges $75-an-hour for men and women between the ages of 19 and 60 for, yes, a cuddle.

Travis called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the unconventional job and to explain what really goes into it.

“There’s a lot of one-on-one within cuddle therapy,” he tells us. “The sessions and the work is very varied. Obviously, touch is involved in a lot of the sessions in-person.”

Despite how it sounds, Travis tells us he does keep his clothes on while cuddling … and customers don’t ever cross the line with him. “A client has never been inappropriate with me and I’ve certainly never been inappropriate with a client.”

For more on Travis and his cuddle therapy, check out his website!