5 Most Shocking Moments From MTV’s ‘Miley: The Movement’


It’s rare when Miley Cyrus doesn’t shock us, but on her MTV documentary, Miley: The Movement, on Wednesday, she managed to push the envelope even further.

Here are the 5 moments that got the biggest “OMG!” from us:

When Miley Premiered “We Can’t Stop” on On Air with Ryan Seacrest

It all began in June when Miley stopped by to debut her hit single, and in The Movement, the OAWRS studio and the staff were featured prominently in the beginning (skip to 6:02 in the video below). After she played her song and took phone calls, the singer then headed outside our studio to hang out with her fans who had camped out just to catch a glimpse of Miley.

When She Rocked a Rattail Like Her Dad

Before Miley, there was Billy Ray! During a photo shoot, the 20-year-old accessorized with a fake rattail, which she swung around. “If you put it right here, it’s a little bit like Billy Ray 1989,” he mom, Tish, jokes to Miley.


When Miley Said She’s Never Going to Act Again

Although she made her start on Disney’s Hannah Montana and then transitioned to movies, like So Undercover and LOL, Miley has no interest in being an actress. After wrapping her last movie, she says, “I came back and said, ‘I’m never doing that again. I’m going to do music for the rest of my life.'”

She Took a Train to New York City to Cut Her Hair

In The Movement, Miley talks a lot about spending the summer in Philadelphia and she reveals that when she decided to dye her hair blond and then shave it all off, she took a train from Philly to New York City for an appointment with star stylist Chris McMillan. Afterwards, “I just felt like I had a whole new attitude. I can finally be the bad b**ch I really am.”

Miley gets her hair cut

Miley Talked Her Dog Into Behaving Better

Fans also got to see Miley at home with her many, many dogs. During a scene outside where she’s playing with them (skip to 3:47 in video below), she picks up Bean and explains that the puppy was out of control and hyper, until Miley had a talk with Bean and told her to act more like Lila, her dog who passed last year. “Ever since we had that conversation — I talk to my dogs! — She’s been the calmest, sweetest girl. I feel like she knew I really needed her.”