Miley Cyrus Says Making ‘Bangerz’ Was Highlight of Her Career


Miley Cyrus didn’t disappoint after hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Highlights from the episode: Miley portrayed Michele Bachmann for a parody of “We Can’t Stop,” changed to be about the government shutdown and she also joked that her VMA performance started the downfall of society.

Now, her focus is  on music today as her highly anticipated album Bangerz drops tonight at midnight.

And considering Miley’s undergone a “movement”, it’s safe to say Bangerz is a complete departure from her previous work and clearly shows off a more mature Miley.

A process the “Wrecking Ball” singer says was totally rewarding.

Miley tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “Making my new album has probably been the best experience of any work I’ve ever done.”

Adding: “It’s just because the whole time it’s just felt like I’ve been learning and living and not really working. You know? It’s about making number one hits and loving making new music.”

Help Miley reach her number one goal by downloading Bangerz on iTunes tonight here. Click here to download the deluxe version.