Meet the Girl Who Inspired #StarbucksDrakeHands!


We’re still reeling from the #StarbucksDrakeHands guy! (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, click here.)

Although everyone has been buzzing about the video — in which a guy runs his hand across his forehead a la Drake while listening to the rapper’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home — not much has been said about the young woman who inspired it … well, we’ve found her!

Piper Kennedy is a 20-year-old model residing in Studio City, California, and she gave her number to the guy, a Starbucks barista in West Hollywood named Brody. The next day, he sent her the now-infamous video, which went viral once her friend, Ben Roc, posted it on his Instagram page.

Not only have we identified Piper, she’ll be calling in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning to explain how this all started — and of course, we’re going to ask what Brody thinks about her making him a viral star.

Until then, check out some of Piper’s hottest modeling shots: