Justin Bieber Poses Shirtless With Personal Trainer: See Photo


We all know Justin Bieber lifts, but who spots him?

The “Heartbreaker” singer took to Instagram early Wednesday morning to show off the man responsible for his toned physique. In the photo, the 19-year-old entertainer flexes his buff arms and rock-hard abs for the camera as he points at his personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson. The pop star simply captions the snapshot, “Me and my trainer.”

According to an exclusive interview with Newsday, Nilsson has been sculpting the Biebs’ body full-time since September 2012, and ever since, — whether on tour or at the “Never Say Never” singer’s Calabasas, Calif. mansion — the two have been following a strict, five days a week workout regime.

“[Justin’s] so motivated — it’s the first thing he asks for in the morning,” Nilsson tells Newsday. “The total goal is to look like he’s well built, but I want him to feel really good too. Once that’s done, I would love for him to work on his athletics and be able to touch a basketball hoop — fun stuff like that.”

What do you think …  does Justin’s trainer deserve a raise?