Dog Holds Owner’s Hand for Car Ride: Watch


A dog really is man’s best friend.

If this video doesn’t confirm that statement, then we don’t know what will!

YouTube user and dog owner, Adam Douglas, uploaded an adorable video of his best friend, Tommy Douglas, earlier this week. In the video, Tommy sits in the passenger seat of his owner’s car, while Adam drives the vehicle. But get this… Tommy refuses to let Adam drive the car without holding his paw! Can you say, adorable?

Tommy’s hand-holding habit has received over 350,000 views in just three days — making the precious puppy a famous YouTube star! Viewers began commenting on the video, complementing the dog’s charm, but also questioning Adam’s driving safety? Adam responded, humbly:

“Can’t believe so many people like the video. I only uploaded [this video] to see what the YouTube video editor was like so didn’t expect this at all. I’ll be sure to stick up a few more of Tommy’s antics – maybe outside of the car though, a lot of you seem to be concerned about my driving, which I can assure you was perfectly safe. Glad you all liked it though.”


We can’t stop watching this video (and all of its cuteness!). Tommy’s adorable habit proves that dogs truly are man’s best friends — especially when they’re behind the wheel!