Will Arnett: ‘Arrested Development’ Will Be Coming Back ‘Soon’


Will Arnett is living with his mom now … on TV, at least.

The actor, who happened to wear the exact same suit as Ryan at the Emmy Awards last month, joked today he’s sporting a “gray cardigan” from his “home collection.”

Will is offering his comedic timing to the new CBS show The Millers, where he plays Nathan, a recently-single news reporter whose mom moves in with him after she splits from her husband.

When asked whether getting divorced or having his mom move in is worse, Will jokes: “Living with mom for sure!”

“[My character] got divorced on the sly,” he explains. “He didn’t tell anybody. He told his sister, but he didn’t tell his folks. He was too chicken because he didn’t want to deal with his mom and when you meet his mom, you realize why.”

And considering one of Will’s good friends, Bradley Cooper, lives with his mom in real life, we had to wonder: Could Will do the same?

“Hats off to Bradley. He’s a friend of mine and I love him, but I couldn’t do it,” Will admits.

As for the other question ever Arnett fan is dying to know, will there be an Arrested Development movie in the future?

“I think there is going to be,” he reveals. “I’m trying to think about the best way to say nothing, [but]… I know there is going to be more of the show coming. Whether it’s going to be exactly in a film, like people want it to be, that I can’t confirm. But I can tell you there is more to come with the Bluth family and more Arrested Development story going to be told soon.”

Catch The Millers on CBS Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c.