Avril Lavigne Teases ‘Let Me Go’ Video: Watch


Avril Lavigne is getting ready to premiere the music video for her newly-released song, “Let Me Go,” which features her husband, Chad Kroeger.

The “Rock N Roll” singer took to Twitter Sunday night and teased fans with a short clip from the upcoming video.

The teaser gives a quick glimpse inside an abandoned house — filled with dust and furniture covered in white sheets — as the haunting piano solo from the breakup ballad creates a lonely atmosphere. A majority of the scenes are blurred, but in one clear shot, a wine glass shatters into a million pieces as it hits the ground.

The much-anticipated video for “Let Me Go” premieres on VEVO and hits iTunes tomorrow, October 15.

You can find the song on her self-titled album, Avril, which drops November 5.