Happy 35th Birthday, Usher! 7 Reasons Why We Love Him


Bring out Rihanna‘s birthday cake and someone call Kool and the Gang, because it’s time for a celebration … Usher Raymond IV turns 35-years-young today!

The “Burn” singer was only 6 when he began his musical journey as a member of his church choir in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and since then, the entertainer has grown to become one of the music industry’s biggest, most soulful R&B singers.

With his smooth dance moves, chart-topping ballads, and acting career, Usher has set the bar for current and future artists, so in honor of his 35th birthday, here are 7 reasons why we love Usher:


1. “Burn”

There’s no hotter track than Usher’s “Burn.” The certified platinum track — which was released in July 2004 — has won various awards including The Kids’ Choice Awards for “Favorite Song,” and it also landed the 21st spot on Billboard’s “Songs of the Decade” in 2009.


2. He mentored Justin Bieber

Beliebers owe it all to the R&B singer for JB’s hit single, “Somebody to Love.” When Biebs was making his way into the music industry, he was introduced to Usher, who became his mentor and gifted him with some trade secrets. Justin’s new single, “All That Matters,” has a soulful R&B vibe, much like Usher’s musical direction.


3. His has killer dance moves

No one likes a one-trick pony, and Usher is the farthest thing from one. Not only can the “Scream” crooner sing those difficult notes, he can also throw down some smooth moves. In the video above, Usher teaches Elmo and friends a dance move for every letter of the alphabet!


4. He’s a platinum-selling artist

Everything Usher touches turns platinum. His second album, My Way, has sold over 6 million copies worldwide, earning six platinum certifications. His other platinum singles include, “Nice & Slow,” “Burn,” and “You Make Me Wanna.”

5. “Yeah!’

Before there was Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3X,” there was Usher’s club-ready song, “Yeah!” The track, which features Lil Jon, dominated Billboard’s Hot 100 charts for 12 consecutive weeks, and it even became a certified platinum song.


6. Usher’s New Look Foundation

presfeatured[ UshersNewLook.org ]

If you haven’t fallen in love with Usher yet, maybe his incredible, non-profit organization might win you over. The “I Need a Girl” singer formed the foundation in 1999 to help disadvantaged children find their path to a better life. According to UshersNewLook.org, the organization “graduates 100% of its youth and 98% have gone onto higher education or job placement.”


7. Last but not least:

tumblr_mrl8kgRPix1swagido1_400[ Tumblr.com ]

Now we’re off to do some sit-ups …