Eminem Releases New Track ‘Rap God’ From ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’


First, Kanye West releases “I am a God” in Yeezus and now, Eminem has put out “Rap God.”

Still, the Detroit rapper’s new song from the upcoming Marshall Mathers LP 2 is anything but holy. (Warning: There is some explicit language in the video above)

On Monday, Eminem tweeted about the release of “Rap God,” saying:

Rolling Stone reviewed the 6-minute song, saying that it “pays tribute to the old school” and “the rappers who inspired him.”

“Rap God” succeeds at showcasing Eminem’s skill, specifically when he begins rapping “at supersonic speed” around the 4:25 mark. His lyrics hold profound meaning throughout the entire 6 minutes, especially during the song’s last line: “Why be a king, when you can be a God?”

The rest of Marshall Mathers LP2 is set to hit iTunes on November 5.

Tell us what you think of Eminem’s “Rap God.” How does it compare with “Bezerk” and “Survival”?