Avril Lavigne Gets Emotional in ‘Let Me Go’ Video Featuring Husband


What props create an emotional music video?

Hourglasses, magic mirrors, grand pianos, and creepy mansions, according to Avril Lavigne‘s “Let Me Go.”

Emotions run rampant in the brand new music video, which features her husband, Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger. The video debuted earlier today on VEVO and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

The music video takes place inside an empty mansion (most likely owned by her past lover, played by Avril’s hubby Chad). In the video, the “Rock N Roll” singer laments a past broken relationship, while simultaneously attempting to “let go” of its haunting memories. Avril’s lover also thinks about their former romance and it alternates between his perspective as a young man and his current, older outlook.

Essentially, Avril’s “Let Me Go” music video illustrates the effect of time on memories retained from a past relationships.