Is Beyonce Preparing to Outshine Other Artists with New Music?


It looks like Beyonce may be gearing up to knock Miley Cyrus off her “Wrecking Ball,” “Roar” louder than Katy Perry, work harder than Britney Spears, and is demanding a louder “Applause” to drown out Lady Gaga.

Aside from making headlines due to a superfan pulling her offstage and getting her hair snatched by an actual fan during a concert, the 32-year-old has been mostly flying under the radar … but not for long. Queen Bey is planning to dethrone every chart-topping artist, according to, which reports that the superstar is plotting to claim what’s rightfully hers with “new top-secret music she recorded a few weeks ago…”

In addition to this mysterious, new track, Bey has been spotted in her hometown, Houston, Texas, rocking ’70s attire for an upcoming music video.

So far, Beyonce has released a good amount of new music in 2013 including, “Bow Down / I Been On,” “Standing on the Sun,” “Grown Woman,” and “Rise Up,” but none are confirmed singles or tracks on her fifth album.

Although the “Halo” singer remains tight-lipped on her delayed LP and upcoming projects, fans can rest assure that whatever it is Beyonce is concocting up her sleeves, it will be worth the wait.