Why Was Selena Gomez in Tears After Her Brooklyn Concert?


What had Selena Gomez in tears after her Brooklyn concert?

On Wednesday night, the “Slow Down” singer posted this heartbreaking photo to Instagram.

“Never ended such a beautiful show in tears because they wouldn’t allow me to Instagram tonight,” she captioned it. “Completely heart broken and pissed. Thank you SO much Brooklyn. Ill be stopping outside Letterman tomorrow to make it up if you can make it. I love you guys more than you know. Promise.”

The 21-year-old singer desperately wanted to take pictures with her fans after the concert at the Barclays Center, but it seems that a security issue prohibited her from doing so. Selena promised fans that she would make it up to them by stepping outside The David Letterman Show after her Thursday appearance.

Her Tuesday concert in Buffalo, New York was also emotional. Selena broke down in tears while performing “Love Will Remember,” which is reportedly about Justin Bieber. Check out a clip of the touching moment (skip to :15 mark):

Selena has been travelling all throughout North America and Europe, performing for her Stars Dance Tour 2013, which started in Vancouver on August 14 and is scheduled to end in Detroit on November 26.

On the bright side, Selena still looks gorgeous even when she’s crying.