10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Timeflies


There’s so much more to Timeflies than just great music!

The duo — Cal and Rez — have exclusively given us 10 facts about themselves that fans probably didn’t know, like how they wrote their first song and their mode of transportation before they had a tour bus.

Fans can also download their new EP, Warning Signs, on iTunes here! And to find out if Timeflies is coming to a town near you, check out their tour dates.

1. We started in a 7-piece funk band. After a few disagreements Cal and I decided we work best with just the two of us.


2. We won a battle of the bands in college and as a result we got to open for Ludacris.


3. We recently went on tour in Europe with Selena Gomez.

4. Rez’s mom got him a steel drum for graduation. Rez actually used the drums to craft our remake of “Under the Sea” for Timeflies Tuesday.

5. While unsigned we managed to hit #1 on iTunes with our EP, One Night.


6. Everyone on our team, we have known since college. It’s been a cool experience to share this moment with our best friends!


7. On our first national tour, we drove around the country in a Jetta because we couldn’t afford a tour bus.


8. Our original tag for all our songs was going to be an electronic robot voice or bees buzzing.


9. All of our old tracks from when we first started were produced using the program Reason and we would record in our dorm rooms. We placed a mic in the bathroom and Cal would record his vocals in there.


10. The very first Timeflies song was written on a pizza box.