Dad Makes LED Light Stick-Figure Costume for Toddler: Video


Forget homemade ghost or witch costumes!

Royce Hutain, a Huntington Beach, California father, constructed a suit of LED lights to look like a stick figure for his daughter, and in a video he uploaded, we can see it in action… and it is genius.

“She is 22 months old and loves wearing the suit,” he wrote on YouTube. “I’ll be uploading a video of her in different locations running around and doing her usual funny stuff.”

On Wednesday night, the local CBS affiliate caught Royce and his daughter Zooey showing off the light suit, and he explained, “I sit at computers all day, and I get bored, and I think of ideas like this.”

Since he posted it on Tuesday, people have been asking asking him how to make their own. “I don’t have the time to try to make money off these things, but it’d be great to be able to show other people how to make them,” he also told CBS. “I’d love to see other videos of other people doing it.”