Lauren Cohan Says Upcoming ‘Walking Dead’ Episode is ‘Mayhem’


Lauren Cohan, who stars on AMC’s The Walking Dead, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about the show and its killer ratings, which she even admitted is “crazy” that “a tenth of the country is watching the show now.”

And she’s not kidding — Walkjng Dead  scored a record-breaking 16.1 viewers during its Season 4 premiere. However, considering the plot, there’s no telling whether the characters are safe.

So does Lauren, who plays Maggie, ever sneak a peek at the end of the script to see if her character survives the episode or not?

“It’s funny. Somedays I feel super secure in it and some days I’m like, ‘Just for fun, I’ll check.'”

And while her character remains on the show, a lot of people seem to have an opinion on her love interest, Glenn.

When told that Maggie’s dating down, the actress sighs: “Oh, don’t tell him that!”

“Come on look at their relationship! It’s so hot. He’s a hero. He’s strong. He’s the fiesty one of the group. He really is. He has so much good stuff coming this season … he is the character with the most intense action stuff … I don’t know guys, it’s always the quiet ones!”

And, given the show keeps us on our toes every week, it’s only just getting started.

“This next episode on Sunday is going to be mayhem. It’s the craziest one for me so far this season. All the s**t hits the fan.”

We officially can’t wait!

Catch The Walking Dead on AMC on Sundays at 9/8c.