‘Carrie Diaries’ Lindsey Gort Gets Blessing From Kim Cattrall


The Carrie Diaries returns for Season 2 tonight and with the anticipated introduction of Lindsey Gort, who plays the iconic Sex and the City character Samantha Jones.

Lindsey, who looks almost identical to Kim Cattrall, who originally portrayed the sexy character, revealed to On Air with Ryan Seacrest that Kim gave her blessing when it came to the blonde reprising her character’s younger self.

Lindsey explains that Kim took to Twitter to send her approval. “My friend texted me and said, ‘Oh my god! Kim Cattrall tweeted about you and she said, ‘So happy you’re playing fearless Sam. The key to her is her heart. She never judges those she loves.'”

The actress was so flattered by her blessing she jokes: “I mean, I want to get those words tattooed on me!”

Catch The Carrie Diaries season premiere tonight at 8/7c on The CW.