Darla Beaux Goes on a Hot Date in ‘Summer Dream’ Video: Watch


Fall may be here, but Darla Beaux is reminding us that hot, summer romance is year-round in her music video for “Summer Dream,” and RyanSeacrest.com has the exclusive premiere.

The clip, which is directed by Phil Gadrow and animated by Matias Volkert, opens with the smooth, bubbly tune of a ukulele as the 15-year-old doodles in her sketchpad. Her crush, played by Colton Shires, comes knocking on her door and finds a picture she drew of him. The two laugh it off and go on a romantic date in Venice Beach, California, where they flirtatiously longboard and hold hands.

The video shows off Darla’s charming personality as she dances and sings the infectious lyrics: “Cause you’re cold like ice cream / hot like a summer dream / smooth like a buttercup / sweet like a sugar rush.”

The clip ends where the pink-haired songstress falls into the arms of her man candy, and the two sweethearts passionately stare into each other’s eyes.

“Summer Dream,” is available on iTunes. The single is also on her EP, Rebel Soul, which you can purchase by clicking here.

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