Enrique Iglesias Gets Cozy With Camilla Belle in ‘Heart Attack’ Video


Enrique Iglesias is going through a tough breakup in his music video for “Heart Attack.”

In the clip, the “Turn the Night Up” singer is standing on the edge of a bridge and contemplating jumping, while romantic scenes of him and his girlfriend — played by Camilla Belle — flash black on the screen.

As the electro-pop song builds up, Enrique flashes back to when it all turned sour, revealing a heartbreaking memory of when he walked in on his girlfriend with another man. He sings, “It hit me like a heart attack / when you finally left me girl / I thought I’d never want you back / But I don’t wanna live in a world without you.”

“Heart Attack” — which is available on iTunes — is the follow-up single to Turn the Night Up” off his forthcoming album.

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