It’s Britney, Witch! Spears Recites ‘Thriller’ Monologue in Funny Video


Britney Spears unleashes her spooky — or should we say goofy — side for BBC Radio 1 The Breakfast Show’Halloween skit, It’s Britney Witch.

In the clip, the “Work B**ch” singer uses her best British accent to recite Vincent Price’s speaking part in Michael Jackson‘s creepy classic, “Thriller.”

Britney starts off by proclaiming, “It’s Britney, witch,” as she recoils from a plastic spider on her shoulder and then puts on her funniest faces as she flies on a broomstick, swings a bloody axe, and orders a pepperoni pizza with a “grizzly ghoul” (Radio 1 host, Nick Grimshaw).

We love her ghostly spontaneous spirit!