Justin Update: He Is Going on a Date With Pretty Girl From the Train!


For the past week, On Air with Ryan Seacrest has been talking to Justin, who has a crush on a pretty girl he sees on the train every morning.

After we gave him advice on how to talk to her — put a note in a coffee mug with his number! — he did just that … and it worked!

Justin called in once again on Monday to update us on what has been going on with Patricia. He says that she had texted him after getting his note to say “thank you” for the cup and “I did like it.” The two went on to text ” the rest of the evening,” he adds.

Then on Friday morning, he texted her once again to tell Patricia that he was sitting by her side of the packed train. But once the person who was sitting next to him got up and the train began to empty out, “she kind of looked at me and she sat right next to me. So then I just said, ‘Good morning,’ and, I don’t know if she’s really shy or what, but she doesn’t talk too much.”

But they will have plenty of time to talk and get to know each other better because Justin says that they will be going to Starbucks for a pre-work date very soon.

For more on what’s next for Justin and Patricia and if she has any idea he called in for Ryan and Ellen‘s advice, listen to the audio above!