Listen: Justin Bieber Releases New Song, ‘Recovery’


On Monday, just as we were “recovering” from Justin Bieber‘s last three new songs, he released another track as part of his #MusicMondays.

Much like the previous three, “Recovery” has similarly simple cover art and is a slow love ballad, but takes an emotional turn as Justin sings about having a second chance at a broken relationship.

“First, I’ll acknowledge all trust has been broken/…Grants me with a second chance never thought I’d see your face again/Learning life through trial and error just tryna make it right.”

After releasing the new track, the singer tweeted a confessional video about his experience on Sunday about building a school for children in Guatemala and he encouraged fans that they can also make a difference by giving back.

While Justin continues to demonstrate the power of “recovery” for those less fortunate, purchase his new song on iTunes!