Baby Cries as Mother Sings Heartbreaking Ballad: Watch


Forget a dirty diaper or teething pains … this baby is crying for an entirely different — and much deeper — reason.

In a new video that has quickly gone viral, 10-month-old Mary Lynne Leroux breaks down in tears as her talented mother Amanda belts out Rod Stewart‘s heartbreaking 1988 classic, “My Heart Can’t Tell You No.”

At the start of the video, Amanda coos to her adorable daughter, “Do you want mommy to sing a song? Let me know how you feel about this song.”

Although little Mary Lynne is smiling at first, her expression immediately turns somber as her eyes fill with tears. When her mommy hits the really sad part — “So I let you in, knowing tomorrow I’m gonna wake up missing you” — Mary Lynne begins to sob as the tears stream down her face.

When Amanda finishes the song, she reassures her daughter, “It’s just a song,” and Mary Lynne goes back to smiling.

How precious is little Mary Lynne?