Jonas Brothers Call It Quits: 7 Lyrics to Help Recover From Breakup


Goodbye, Jonas Brothers.

After canceling their tour and deleting their Twitter account, the Jo Bros officially announced it was over for them as a band on Tuesday morning.

KevinJoe and Nick explained that they were “closing a chapter, for sure” and that the sad decision was “unanimous.”

Over the years, fans have laughed (watching E!s Married to Jonas), sang along, danced, and even shed a couple tears (case in point: their music video for “When You Look Me In the Eyes”). 

In commemoration of their body of work, we’ve compiled a list of their 7 best songs (and lyrics!) to help fans cope with the sad news.

1. This particular song takes us back to the “First Time” we ever heard the Jonas Brothers sing in 2005:

“Just let go and free your mind. Let the beat be your lifeline. Make it feel like the first time.”

2. Fans will always be “Burnin’ Up” for the Jo Bros! This song pretty accurately describes their feelings …

“I’m slippin’ into the lava, I’m trying to keep from going under.”

3. The boy band got hopes up when they promised they’d still be together in the “Year 3000.”

“I took a trip to the Year 3000 –This song had gone multi-platinum, Everyone bought our 7th album.”

4. The Jonas Brothers will always have a “Hold On” fans’ hearts.

“When you love someone, and they break your heart, don’t give up on love. Have faith, restart.”

5. Everyone caught the “Love Bug” for the Jonas Brothers a long time ago.

“Felt so close, but you’re so far away — left me without anything to say.”

6. We’re employing a distress symbol on behalf of fans everywhere … “S.O.S.”

“I gave my all for you. Now my heart’s in two, and I can’t find the other half.”

7. Grab some tissues and watch the “When You Look Me In the Eyes” video as a final farewell to the Jonas Brothers.

“More and more, I start to realize, I can reach my tomorrow. I can hold my head up high, and it’s all because you’re by my side. “