Justin Bieber Has ‘Wake-Up Call’ Volunteering in Guatemala: Watch


Justin Bieber may get a lot of flack for his antics sometimes, but he still does have a heart of gold.

On Monday evening, the singer posted a heartfelt message to his KidRauhl YouTube account, documenting his recent experience in Guatemala. While in Latin America, Justin worked with the brother of his manager Scooter BraunAdam Braun, and his non-profit organization, Pencils of Promise, which works to build schools and create educational opportunities in developing nations.

In the video  “Guatemala Video Confession: Giving Is The Best,” Justin describes his volunteering experience as “one of the most magical days” of his life. He recalls the trip as “a wake-up call,” which then prompts him to reflect upon his own life. After explaining how much the philanthropic experience meant to him, Justin thanks his fans for their consistent dedication and support, which consequently allows him to reach out and help other people in need.

He captioned the video, saying:

“I just had one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life in Guatemala. I went with Pencils of Promise to work with the people to build a school for their community. This was one of the schools the Believe Tour helped build and to see the people…who had nothing but were so happy. It was amazing. I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them. You can make a huge difference in this world if you just give to others. It is a feeling like no other. just had to share this video confession because i cant stop thinking about it. Love all of you. Go out there and help change the world. Thanks. – Justin”

Justin also posted short video to his Instagram account, which served as a personal account of his time in Guatemala. In the video, Justin offers his sunglasses to a young boy named Ricardo, who then proceeds to “show his friends what the sun looked like with them on.”

Keep up the philanthropic work, Justin!