Happy National Cat Day! 9 Ways to Celebrate Our Feline Friends


October 29 marks an extremely important day … National Cat Day!

In honor of this holiday, we thought we’d give some celebration advice. Since cats supposedly have nine lives, here are 9 purrrrrrfect ideas to help you celebrate.

1. Watch funny cat videos on YouTube

If you search for “Cat Videos,” “Funny Cats,” or “Cat Fails” on YouTube, we guarantee you’ll be entertained for hours. Here are a couple of the funniest videos:


2. Teach yourself how to Purr

Apparently, the act of “purring” is a skill … and this girl has it mastered.


3. Google cat memes

Who knew cats had so much attitude and personality? These memes are sure to get your National Cat Day celebration started!




4. Listen to the soundtrack from Cats, the musical.

“When you fall on your head, do you land on your feet?”


5. Test your cat knowledge by taking this National Geographic “Cat Quiz”

Yep, it’s a thing. How well do you know your cat? Well, click here to take the quiz and find out!


6. Play with the CatPaint App

This app might be the most useful app you ever download! It helps you edit your photos… by adding pictures of cats, anywhere you’d like!



7. Bring out your inner “Grumpy Cat

Still don’t know what to be for Halloween? You’re welcome.


8. Watch Disney’s The Aristocats


9. Drink a glass of milk… then take a cat nap!



Happy National Cat Day, everyone!