Bonnie McKee Learned About Jo Bros Tour Cancelation at Last Minute


It’s officially over for The Jonas Brothers as a band.

Brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick revealed to People on Tuesday morning they’ve reached an “unanimous decision” to pull the plug on their tour and group.

“It’s over for now,” Kevin explained. While Nick added: ”It’s really hard to say ‘forever.’ [But] we’re closing a chapter, for sure.”

The decision stemmed from an October 3 meeting, during which youngest brother Nick expressed he had serious concerns about the future of their band. ”I was feeling kind of trapped,” he told People. “I needed to share my heart with my brothers.”

But when it came time to share with their opening act, Bonnie McKee, the “American Girl” singer wasn’t informed until the night before she was leaving!

“I was completely surprised; it was literally the day before,” Bonnie told MTV News.

Yikes! Here’s to hoping the boys can figure it out for all those JoBro fans out there!