Rachel McAdams Doesn’t Own a Car, So How Does She Get Around?


Rachel McAdams has picked up numerous pay checks after starring in hits like Mean Girls and The Notebook, so you’d think she’d have a pretty cool ride right?


This Canadian gets around on none other than a beat up bike that “rattles”!

The About Time actress revealed to Ellen DeGeneres: “I dont have a car. [My bike’s] my car. It’s a problem.” Laughing, she has to be cautious when it comes to her wardrobe choices too.

“The length of the skirt is important. I learned that the hard way.” But she doesn’t skimp on footwear just because she’s pedaling. In fact, Rachel admits she still wears heels biking. “You feel like of bad ass. [But] I’ve torn up some really lovely shoes so if it’s a favorite pair, I’ll wear my flip flops and pack the shoes.”

As if we couldn’t love her enough already!

Catch Rachel McAdam’s in her new movie About Time, which we’ve had the lucky chance of screening and are obsessed with, on November 8. Check out the trailer below to fall in love and obsess over this movie yourself!