Emblem3 Make Hilarious Video Set to Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’: Watch Here!


Emblem3 is an official fan of Ylvis‘ “The Fox.”

Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick have been busy on tour along with Selena Gomez, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to mess around.

The boys took time off to cover the Norwegian brothers’ hit song, “The Fox,” and On Air with Ryan Seacrest has the world premiere of their epic cover.

Featuring the boys dancing everywhere from rehearsals to the shower, it’s safe to say these boys know how to have fun.

“We thought the Ylvis song was genius!” Wesley tells us. “We were always playing it backstage to psych us up for the show and figured if we’re always rockin’ out to it, why not just tape it and share with our fans!”

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