Harry Styles Is Questioned About Pictures of ‘Kissing’ Louis Tomlinson


Harry Styles is yet another victim of fake Photoshopped pictures.

The One Direction member and bandmates, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, joined Australia TV’s Samantha Armytage for what turned out to be a really awkward interview.

The interviewer showed the boys a famous teen magazine that had pictures of Harry and his fellow “Best Song Ever” bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, kissing.

Wide-eyed Harry leaned forward in disbelief as Niall and Liam also took a closer look at the photo. “That’s just weird,” Liam blurts out, followed by Harry who said, “That’s Photoshopped. There was a lady in there.”

“They’ve actually done this to me and Niall as well,” Liam said in disappointment. “When somebody’s in the middle, they just take the person out from the middle. It’s very clever actually.”

After Samantha asks Harry one last time if he has a romance with Louis, Liam cuts quick to the sarcasm and jokingly replies for Harry, “Nah, it’s just me and Niall.”

Watch the interview at the 2:23 mark to see Harry’s priceless reaction to the silly rumor!