10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Trigwell


Hannah Trigwell‘s takeover at RyanSeacrest.com has come to an end.

As our featured artist of the week, the British YouTuber has been sharing exclusive content with us, which included live performances of “Give It Up,” “Headrush,” and “Pieces” — and you can find all these ballads on her latest EP, Live & Acoustic From Steelworks Studio.

But before the 23-year-old moves onto her next project — which is her headlining tour that kicks off in January 2014 — Hannah wants to share a few interesting factoids about herself.

So here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Hannah Trigwell:


1. Her favorite birthday gift was a trip to Budapest.


2. Hannah is obsessed with Owls. She even went on an owl flying experience day and made a vlog about it.


3. Hannah graduated from the University of Leeds, UK this year in biology and got a 2:1 (This is a science degree with honors).


4. She is signed to 3 Peace Records, which is an independent label by Boyce Avenue. She signed the contract in Boyce Avenue’s dressing room!

5. Hannah likes to think she can play the drums.


6. The first CD she ever bought was The Best of M People, which is a greatest hits album by M People.


7. Her favorite movie growing up was Beauty & The Beast and her favorite songs from the Disney classic was “Something There” and “Be Our Guest.”


8. Her favorite color is blue, but it changes all the time. Last week it was pink.


9. The first gig she ever went to was Nizlopi, who sang, “JCB Song.”

10. The first time she performed in front of an audience was when she was 7-years-old, and she sang “Ooh Ahh” by Gina G at her primary school morning assembly.