Listen to Dev’s New ‘Sassy, Feisty’ Song, ‘Kiss It’


Rapper Dev is currently working on her upcoming EP, Bittersweet July, but before it’s much-anticipated release some time in 2014, the “In the Dark” singer gave fans a sneak peek of her new urban sound by dropping her song, “Kiss It.”

The electro-pop track — which is about writing off the “jerks” in her life — features “Red Nose” rapper Sage the Gemini, and the feisty lyrics makes it clear that she is one tough-skinned chick: “Let me make it clear / I don’t want you here / feels like it’s been years / … / I have more beers / than I’ve shed tears.”

“‘Kiss It’ is a sassy song that flips heartbreak into something feisty,” Dev tells exclusively. “I love the balance between sweetness and sarcasm. It definitely covers a lot of emotions I was feeling at the time.”

What did you think of Dev’s new song?