Captain Jack Sparrow Prefers Rum Over Women in ‘Pirates’ Parody


The Hillywood Show parodied another pop culture classic, and this time, they set their crosshairs on Captain Jack Sparrow!

In the comedic spinoff of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack embarks on a musical adventure on the Black Pearl as he serenades his beloved handle of rum. He sings, “But If I had you / that would be the only thing that I ever need / yeah, if I had you / then money, fame, and fortune never could compete.”

The Hillywood Show, spearheaded by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi, parodies the hottest movies, television series, and celebrities by reinventing them into side-splitting music videos with high-energy dance choreography.

Some of their viral works include spoofs of Warm BodiesThe Hunger Games, Twilight, and The Vampire Diaries.

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