Listen: Justin Bieber Unveils New Song, ‘Bad Day’


Everyone has bad days, but Justin Bieber has his heart stomped in his newest song, “Bad Day,” which is part of his #MusicMondays.

For the track’s simple cover art, the singer’s feelings about a breakup that he just can’t get over pour out like the purple rain from a grey cloud.

Keeping to the theme of his previous #MusicMondays songs, Justin sings a tender ballad in falsetto over an acoustic guitar. “Though I didn’t think you would let me down that easy / Oh no girl / And I didn’t think it was over until you walked away / Like it was nothin’ baby.”

The Biebs must have been little confused when it came to releasing “Bad Day” at midnight on Monday. Currently touring in Brazil, he announced the song’s release at midnight… which was two hours too early for the U.S.

After Justin played along with jokes from his fans and manager, Scooter Braun, he released a video on Instagram of him singing the new track at the right time.

And while in Brazil, Justin seemed to have a really “bad day” as he was pummeled with a water bottle from the crowd while singing “Boyfriend” at his concert in Sao Paulo on Saturday. It caused him to accidentally drop his mic and head offstage (he never returned).

The “Heartbreaker” singer brushed it off by the end of the night as he thanked fans via Twitter.

Check out Justin’s new song out now on iTunes!