Reza and MJ Fix Friendship, Lilly Is a Diva in ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Previews


Shahs of Sunset returns on Tuesday night for its third season … and it’s safe to say the drama is not “overstated.”

In anticipation of the premiere, Bravo has released two teaser clips to get fans excited. In the first clip, Reza goes to visit MJ to make things right after he accused her of drinking too much during the heated Season 2 reunion special earlier this year.

Reza shows up at MJ’s apartment with red roses as a “peace offering.” “Flowers only come from one place: Guilty men,” she says. MJ then goes into her kitchen to fix Reza a drink … which takes more than 20 minutes! “I’m literally picturing her in the kitchen putting a little cyanide in my drink or something. Like, what is taking so long?”

In another clip, MJ is banned from Lilly‘s birthday dinner since she waited to RSVP until the night before.

Although everyone, including GG and Asa, try to convince Lilly otherwise, but her mind is made up!

Shahs of Sunset returns to Bravo on Tuesday, November 5 at 10/9c.