Selena Gomez Talks Being Single, Reveals What Her Tattoo Says


Selena Gomez is putting her vocals to good use.

The songstress is kicking off The Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle Campaign to help raise money for children in need by performing live at AT&T Stadium during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders game on Thanksgiving Day, November 28.

Selena shares she’s excited not only to help the Red Kettle Campaign, but also because “Dallas is my hometown.”

Growing up, she says, “every single Christmas we would go and see the people with the little red buckets and they’d ring the bell, but now with the power of social media you can go online and donate and have your own bucket.” Fans can join her team by visiting

And even though she’ll be working on Thanksgiving, the 21-year-old will still be getting her turkey fix. “We’re going to have my family come out and watch and I’m actually making my grandmother make food and box it up and bring it to the Cowboys game, so I can eat too.”

And before she gets to Dallas, the “Come & Get It” singer has been busy on her first world tour.

“It’s been good for me to actually do it all on my own this time. It’s been great for me to go without my parents and being single and being me, it’s been great.”

So has a single Selena embraced her rockstar fame when it comes time to return to her tour bus or hotel room?

“I think it works different for female artists or at least it does for me because I actually don’t do any of that,” she laughs. “Don’t get me wrong, if a guy has the courage to ask me out, maybe I would. But I’m old fashioned. I like when guys come to me.”

Another thing people are dying to know about Selena? Her alleged new tattoo, which people have speculated about, but haven’t managed to decipher.

“It’s really small,” Selena reveals. “It’s pretty. I’ve actually had it for over a year now. I’ve been pretty good at actually keeping it hidden, [but] it’s my favorite Bible verse. It’s Philippians 4:13 – ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'”

After Selena wows us with her halftime performance on Thanksgiving and finishes her Stars Dance world tour, she reassures us she will be taking a break for New Years.

“I’m going to go away for New Years. I haven’t decided a destination yet, but I’m going to go with all my girls.”

And she deserves it!

Selena is also performing at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball on December 6, where a portion of sales go to The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Click here for more information! For tickets to Selena’s Stars Dance World Tour click here. And for more information on Selena’s involvement with the Red Kettle Campaign, click here!