‘Shahs of Sunset’ Star Reza Talks Visiting Border of Iran in Season 3


Shahs of Sunset returns for Season 3 tonight and Reza Farahan is back to entertain us, as well as open up more about his personal life.

The beloved reality star, who we’ll watch hit the big 4-0 on this upcoming season, jokes: “When I turned 40, I felt it. I feel closer to the grave, but I put on a brave face everyday and I touch up my hair when I see a white one and I just keep it moving.”

And while he’s aged another year, Reza’s also grown personally and surprisingly attributes the Bravo show as his therapy.

“I am going to be eternally grateful to … the show because I have been so lucky to have my friends and the pleasure of dealing with some events that are huge in life which have all turned out beautifully.”

“I dealt with my grandmother and that relationship which was horrific. I dealt with my dad and a painful relationship. I went to the border of Iran. I mean, for me, this show has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. A reality show has made me a better human being! How many people can say that?”

And while he’s mended his relationship with his father, he’s also conquered his emotions regarding his homeland. “Iran has been a bully. Something that has tormented me my whole life. I was branded because of it,” Reza admits.

But when the cast visited the border, he was able to put these emotions behind him finally.

“I had so much anger and emotion towards [Iran] as we were getting closer and closer to the border … I realized it really wasn’t about going to Iran, but while I was going to Iran, I had an ‘epiphanal’ moment where I busted away and out of the chains of Iran. I wasn’t going to let … the atrocities those people commit define who I am. I am a Persian-American man. I’ve been blessed to live in this amazing country that’s allowed me to be myself.”

On a lighter note, Reza joked about his co-star and BFF MJ Javid, who recently made headlines when she replicated Kim Kardashian‘s now-famous white swimsuit selfie.

“I totally saw the selfie and as my sister said, more power to her! She loves who she is and how she looks and for a 40-year-old woman that looks good!”

Catch Reza and the rest of the gang on the Season 3 premiere of Shahs of Sunset on Bravo tonight at 10/9c.