Alison Gold Follows up ‘Chinese Food’ Video With ‘ABCDEFG’: Watch


Alison Gold is moving away from her beloved “Chinese Food” to discuss the alphabet in her new song, “ABCDEFG.”

We must admit that while it’s extremely strange, it’s also relatively catchy.

In the video, Alison’s producer Patrice Wilson appears to be controlling the neighborhood in which Alison resides. When he notices that Alison has a crush on a fellow neighbor, he forces the neighbor to reciprocate Alison’s feelings. In order to do so, Patrice employs a cupid, puppet potion, and (obviously) a plate of Chinese food.

“A stands for Anything you wanna have / B comes when you Believe, Believe / C will come when you take a Chance / D falls in line when you open up the Door,” sings Alison at the start of the song.

As for the chorus, she continues: “This feeling is like ABCDEFG /HIJKLMNOP / You got me thinking I will be on a one-way spree.”

Patrice has made a career for himself producing viral YouTube videos, such as Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” and Nicole WestbrookIt’s Thanksgiving.” Alison appears to his new project, and so far … she’s making her job look easier than saying the ABC’s.